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PhotoSmith™ CRM

– Features –

The sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities. Here are just some of our “out-of-the-box” components that can be configured to meet your unique needs. Give us a shout to learn more.

Master Event & Session Mgmt

Create master event and nested associations – breakout sessions, activities, courses, etc. The interface is intuitive and assigning cross-associations is automatic. Note that the content you create here will dynamically push out to registration forms and info-app(s).

Improve Registration

Give your attendees a simple and attractive interface for registering. They can sign up as a group or an individual. Choose to integrate commerce logic so they can make payments as part of their sign-up process.


You can run quick reports on whatever information you choose to capture – from attendance to lack of it, from keynote speaker resource submission to check-ins. Our instant dashboard filters allow you to save custom reports for one-button output.

Interaction & Info-App

You can communicate with your attendees in bulk or individually, as part of an automated process or whenever there’s a change to a session. Additionally, attendees can access an Info-App to see event schedule and details. The Info-App also feeds your big monitors and allows for quick and easy changes.

Automated Processes

Create business process automations to drive actions based on triggers such as timelines, countdowns, if/then logic, etc. For example, you could create an automation to remind attendees that their event is just one week away and then remind the speaker to submit their presentation (and alert you if they don’t). The automations work with integrated operation modules.

Collaboration & Operations

Our systems are designed to increase collaboration and make operations more efficient. You can create break-out collaboration zones within your portal. You can assign tasks. You can create alarms to notify you when a deadline is approaching or missed. Even work with your facility and manage your contracts. Contact us to learn more.

Training & Support

We offer training tutorials so you can navigate each of your integrated modules as well as a team of system experts on stand-by to help you solve whatever problem you’re tackling.

Backend Basics

Learn tips and techniques for creating and managing events and operation automations.

Event Setup

Step by step processes for creating your events, registration forms, integrating logic, etc.


Utilize the system for marketing, attendee engagement, and speaker & team management.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

From customer service to web marketing and lead generation. There are too many possibilities! Contact us so we can help you craft the PERFECT form-fitting system for YOU!